Beyond A Listing is a new show focused on Real Estate, People, Community, and People in the Detroit market. Each week you’ll experience new content with our VLog Series and monthly we will air our show.

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Our team writes each episode with your brand in mind.
The weekly Vlog series and monthly show are written each week around select topics and integrates each sponsor into the episodes naturally. Commercial/ads are seamlessly integrated throughout each episode eliminating those intrusive interruptions all shows have and why people skip commercials today. Our focus is to provide your brand with the strongest brand equity position available in marketing and advertising.

We take pride in using the best, leanest, most durable equipment on the market in production today. All our content is shot in 4-6K in the highest resolution on all formats to allow distribution at the best quality possible. And for the most difficult shots, we use Drones, Jibs, Ronins, and moving Dollies to get the best angles and fluidity.

Our Post-Production team takes pride in using the best software in the market and dynamic graphics to accent the content.


Beyond A Listing brings a unique approach to lifestyle marketing through its show as well as digital and traditional marketing campaigns. There are several ways our partners may be included in the series:

Product Integration

Your product or service becomes part of the storyline or the backdrop.

Product Placement

A visual placement of the product during scenes.

Product Reference

The cast mentions the product or service by name.


As a sponsor your logo and website is shown before or after commercial breaks.


A special thanks is given to sponsors with mentions to website.

Commercial Spots

Two (2) :15 second commercial spots featured during each episode.

Guest Appearance (Optional)

You will be featured as a guest on our show and have the opportunity to share brand/products/services and value added messaging.

Social Media & Email Campaigns

To allow viewers to find more information, your logo and links to your website and social channels will be included in the series’ social and email campaigns.





Your brand will experience a significant amount of exposure through a combination of Product/Service Placement, Product/Service Reference, Product/Service Integration, Sponsorship Bumps, and Commercial Spot Inclusion.

Product Placement: As a sponsor/partner your logo will be placed strategically throughout each episode in key placement for the viewers to recognize and become familiar with the name, Close-ups on logo and or signage included.

Product Reference: “Word of Mouth” on each participating show, a cast member will mention sponsor/partner and would be involved in the messaging during scripting to ensure its accuracy.